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Welcome! We are so excited that you’re here! Expat Health Code is a blend of functional and naturopathic medicine designed for expats! Online programs, coaching, consults, and community are only one click away wherever you are in the world!

Why join us? We’re expats too and we know what it’s like to constantly be on the move! The stress, not sleeping well, and the extra pounds with each move all add up and take a toll on your health.

Who are we? We’re Tania, Vashti, and Dr. Fox. Two functional medicine coaches and a Naturopathic Doctor dedicated to helping you regain your health, thrive in your new home, and cultivate your community!

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The Expat's Guide to Reducing Stress:

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We designed it to help you break the cycle of chronic stress so you can regain vitality and optimal health. Don’t miss it! This fantastic guide is only available for a limited time! 

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Want to learn more about us? Head on over to the About Us page and get to know the three of us! We can’t wait to support you in your health journey!

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